About Dreamless

Romance, War


Set before and during World World II, Dreamless is a story about a girl from America and a boy from Japan, born on the same day, who have seen the other's lives through each other's eyes whenever they sleep.

Artist Notes

My first commissioned project! Written by Bobby Crosby, who was quite a prolific short webcomic story writer at the time. This and most of his other stories were written as movie pitches, so it has a very film-like length and structure. His most popular story, "Marry Me", was eventually adapted into a film.

I was having a bit of an experimental phase when I worked on it, as the relatively short length meant I could afford to try something different without accidentally committing to an art style I would grow to dislike. I think it still stands up okay now, and it helped me to realise that a full painterly-style comic was something I was definitely now capable of doing.

It's currently still available to read on the Keenspot website, with print copies fairly hard to find.

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