About Inverloch

Fantasy, Adventure, Coming-of-age

2001 - 2007

The story of Inverloch centers around a young man named Acheron, from a horned wolf-like race called the da'kor. After becoming enamoured with an elven girl, he finds himself setting out on a seemingly innocent mission - that of trying to locate Kayn'dar, her childhood friend who has been missing for the past twelve years.

Meeting up with new friends and companions along the way, he quickly begins to learn that the world is not quite the peaceful place he believed it to be - embroiled with prejudice, racial segregation, and hidden danger. And the truth behind Kayn'dar's disappearance is something none of the party would ever expect...

Author Notes

Inverloch was my first foray into comics. I had no idea how to plot a story, so it was planned out in a slipshod manner, with half the story evolving along the way (and adapting to questions from the readers).

The title has little relevance, and I don't remember how I chose it, but by the time I'd started drawing and uploading pages online it was too late to change it to something that actually made sense.

I started drafting the idea in my late teens, so I'm sure it was heavily influenced by all the angst, self-doubt and questioning that stage of life brings. I almost didn't finish drawing the last few chapters; a combination of dissatisfaction with the ending, and falling ill, made motivation a rare resource. But I'm glad I finished, and I think the wonderful community that formed during my telling of the story helped with that.

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